Saturday, February 12, 2011

Getting Ready for Another Lab Exam Attempt


Another post after a long time, After the unsuccessful lab attempt in July 2010, I was got really busy chasing my pending stuff. That includes both office and home. My Boss was expecting to cover all that I spent on studying and my family wanted all my attention. Thing for now started to cool down and I am again looking forward for another attempt (may be in April 2011).

I have started to putting my study material in-order, just upgraded to my PC to 4GB of memory and hard drive to 1TB. Expected to increase total memory to 8GB. Previously I had issues running GNS3/Dynamips on Windows 2003. With full scale labs, the CPU utilization goes to 80 to 90% and the I was getting problems with routing protocol adjacencies. One of my friend, who is Linux Geek, told me to run GNS/Dynamips on Linux. He gave me a brief introduction to basic workings and I was manage to install Ubuntu 10.10 x64 on home PC and laptop. Once I get accoustmed to the Linux environement, I am looking forward to install GNS/Dynamips on Ubuntu. I will be using the following tutorial for help:

Looking forward to happy labbing!

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  1. I would have loved to demonstrate you how that Linux stuff works but I went busy into other things and that was the last day in that company for you :) .

    To be honest its not that hard but if you think it is giving you problems upgrade your PC for more ram and use windows because if you start banging your head against the wall for Linux you gona end up learning linux rather than cisco :P

    And best of luck for CCIE R&S .